Space-Saving Wall Pegboard Diaper Changing Station DIY

The twin’s bedroom is very small (about 8 by 10ft) so when we converted the room into a nursery we were extremely space-conscious.  We  our oldest daughter’s bureau with a changing pad secured on top since it fit perfectly in the small corner of the nursery between two windows.  This left no space for a side table or storage cart for diapers and wipes since there is cast-iron radiator under one window and a closet next to the other window so if want to actually open the closet door, nothing can go under this window…..  I thought about diaper caddy on bureau next to the changing pad (which is what we did with my oldest), but I knew from that experience that 1) we were going to need more space to accommodate supplies for twins and 2) as soon as Emma could sit up, she was reaching and pulling everything out of the caddy, which made diaper changes a challenge….. plus we needed the space for a little lamp for those midnight diaper changes that i picked up from TJMaxx/ HomeGoods (in the clearance section!).

To pinterest!  It took awhile to find, but I found an idea that would work perfectly – a wall pegboard diaper station! I especially liked Taryn Whiteaker’s DIY diaper station – an efficient but still cute diaper station with a clean crisp look, and only a few dollars…. Thank you Taryn!

It was easy to create!   I bought a white pegboard and white trim at the hardware store. My husband cut and mitered the trim, and I glued together with Elmer’s Wood Glue to make the frame.  Instead of shelving with pegs, I bought two ClosetMaid 2 Tier Racks that came with accessories that screw through a hole in the pegboard and right into the wall, which provides an extra level of security (we have old horse-hair plaster walls that are a bit crumbly, so I was concerned about putting something on the wall over the changing table).

As you can see, the center of the pegboard is empty – I am searching for a bucket which will hold a few soft toys to occupy the girls while I change their diapers.

I also used Taryn’s inspiration with letters (A for Audrey and M for Madison) and pink paint at Michael’s Crafts .  As part of our initiative to involve our oldest daughter in helping us organize the nursery (we worry how an only child might deal with losing all the one-on-one attention), she was in charge of painting the letters (plus she is 5, so she is also learning her letters… so killing two birds with one stone!)

Full view of pegboard diaper station with changing pad on bureau and windows on either side

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