Thanksgiving Birthday Crafts

The twins turned one this past Thanksgiving weekend (this year has been an absolute blur!). Audrey and Maddie were born the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend – I’ll never forget sitting in Monday morning rush hour traffic on the way to the hospital, panicked that I would give birth on the side of the highway (luckily I over-reacted and still had a few hours of labor to go once I got the hospital….).  We decided to throw their first birthday party at our house the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend since most of our friends would be back from visiting family.  The theme was “Thanksgiving: Take 2” – a pun on having twins as well as the lunch menu –a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich buffet with all the sides and toppings – cranberry, mashed potatoes and two kinds of stuffing.

I struggled with the decorations.  A turkey-themed birthday?!?!?   What is a mom to do??  I skimmed pinterest for inspiration and of course, wasn’t disappointed.    I easily pinned at least 30 ideas under the “Twins Bday” inspiration board, but ended up only completing three projects for the party.  Like most moms, I have these grand notions of being “Supermom”, but with 3 kids and a full-time job, I need to constantly re-adjust my expectations to a more realistic level (a co-worker with experience with twins once told me – “it’s good enough”).  So I focused on desserts because let’s face it, that’s what parties are about.  I made two desserts: turkey pudding cups and Nutter Butter turkey cupcakes.  Then feeling a bit guilty, I crafted a healthy alternative – a Scarecrow applesauce cup.  All were super easy and were a hit at the party.  Two substitutions were made:  1) Nutter Butter turkey cupcakes – I couldn’t find orange candy-coated sunflower seeds, so I replaced with orange Tic Tacs and 2) Turkey cupcakes – I used a red pipecleaner in place of felt.  I’d like to thank (and give credit to) the two women who posted these ideas – The Keeper of the Cheerios for both the pudding cups and applesauce cups and Home is Where the Boat Is for the Nutter Butter turkey cupcakes.  Thank you – you saved the day!!!  Pictures of my attempts….

I appreciate that these projects are kid-friendly too.  My 5-year old daughter Emma likes to help, especially when it comes to her little sisters.  She organized and prepped the eyeballs and feathers while I manned the glue gun, and practiced her spelling by writing guests’ names on the cups.  For the cupcakes, she helped with all aspects – making the cupcake batter, “gluing” the faces to the Nutter Butters with confectionary sugar, and frosting the cupcakes.

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