Unlike most home improvement bloggers I didn’t grow up in a handy family – the extent of my education was my dad using a screwdriver and having me repeat “lefty loosey righty tighty”.  Fast forward 30-some years and I’m applying that one skill (and learning many more….) to our fixer-upper we bought outside of Boston in 2012.  Fortunately my husband has more experience and handyman skills and has saved me from myself more than a few times (and I thank you Babe – otherwise, we might not have any doors back on its hinges….).  So armed with an arsenal of youtube videos, websites (a very special thank you to This Old House and Bob Villa) and Reader Digest Fix-it books, I’m learning something new everyday about old homes, restoration, antiques, and inspiring my next DIY project.

This blog is a bit different from most home improvement blogs in that I want to discuss topics around the actual improvement projects, such as researching your home’s history, determining, prioritizing and budgeting projects, and hiring a contractor.  I’d like to say Peripheral but Integral to any home renovation Let’s face it, there are lots of great websites and DIYers and bloggers with a lot more experience than me. But what I am good at (and actually like to do) is research (is here where I confess my nerdiness?) And when I comes to working on our house I find that I do just as much research on where and how to sling that hammer than actually slinging the hammer….

I hope this website brings a smile to others who can’t seem to get it right on the first, second, and even third try like myself, and maybe, just maybe, even learn a thing or two….


I’m a full-time mother of three, wife to a very patient man that puts up with my crazy home improvement ideas, and part-time dreamer of old homes, renovations and DIY projects (I also work in the insurance industry, but that just pays the bills…..) It took years of scrimping and saving for that dreaded downpayment and I am now living in a 100-year old house outside of Boston, MA with my husband Brad, daughters Emma, twin girls Madison and Audrey, and larger-than expected shelter puppy Dulce.



One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Nice to “meet” you, Jen! I admire your DIY attitude. I’m more of a dreamer – I can dream up all kinds of improvements. It’s making them happen that’s a bigger challenge 😉 … and what caught my attention was your blog title. I HAVE to repeat that little phrase over and over because I can never remember which way to turn! I’m so lucky that Husband is very handy!

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